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Increase Your Influence: 4 Tips for Sales and Life πŸš€

How to thrive in any negotiation, easy tactics for closing deals, along with roles at Snapchat, Anthropic, Clear, and more!

What's up, Next Gen Fam!

Sales is everywhere. Whether you're navigating a job interview or pitching an idea during a meeting, you're always selling.

This week, we’re covering how to upgrade your sales skills. If you'd like more of these tips β€” delivered in an engaging, Duolingo-like format β€” take a look at our free skill-building app.

Let's dive in!


1. Sales is about helping people.

If you're selling a product, don't push your products on potential customers. Rather, work together with them to understand their needs and find the best solution. Sales should not be a battle. View sales not as selling other people, but helping to solve their problems.

2. Frame your offer as a steal.

According to sales guru Alex Hormozi, "people are motivated by getting a good deal." The reason anyone buys anything is they believe the price is less than the value they receive in return. To improve your odds of closing a sale, frame your offer as a steal.

3. Don't be desperate.

No matter what negotiation you're in, the person who needs the exchange less has the upper hand. So always avoid coming off as desperate. In fact, try to show that you have other options. When you have walkaway power, you will have more credibility!

4. Don't discount your main offer.

If you're trying to close a deal, don't discount your main offer. When you give a discount, you subtly teach your customers that your prices are negotiable, and this reduces your credibility. So give free bonuses instead. For example, if you're selling an online course, offer an add-on bonus β€” like a free consultation β€” to close the deal.



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