4 Tips to Increase Your Motivation 🚀

The value of audacious goals, uncommon ways to increase energy, how to sustain excellence, along with roles at XYZ

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According to Jim Loehr, an esteemed performance psychologist, our most precious resource of all is not time, it's energy.

When we're motivated, we make the most of every minute. This week, we're covering the essentials for increasing energy and motivation.

Let's dive in!


#1. Spend time around other dreamers.

It's hard to get excited if you’re surrounded by others who don't share your ambitions. So look for other high-energy people in your field. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur, join a founder community. If you're an author, work around other writers. Find the fellow dreamers around you because motivation is contagious!

#2: Work hard to ignite passion.

"I just need to find my passion and then I'll be motivated to work." This might be a misconception. There’s plenty of evidence that when initially dispassionate people work hard over time, their interest grows. In other words, hard work breeds motivation. So push yourself and watch your energy rise in sync.

#3: Chase an audacious goal.

Big, crazy goals are often more likely to be achieved than smaller ones. An inspiring goal infuses you with energy to overcome obstacles and persevere to the very end. A less-exciting target might only provide enough ambition to get past the first problem. Set inspiring (but still achievable) goals to maximize your odds.

#4: Do something bigger than yourself.

The research of scientist Daniel Pink confirms something we all know: people want to work on projects that make a difference. As we build our careers, it's tempting to think in terms of individual gain. But we all inherently want to help others, so frame your efforts towards a larger purpose. This will help you sustain success!


What obstacles might you face this year? Can you do any preparation now?


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