Accelerate Your Career: 4 Expert Tips πŸš€

How to cultivate your passion, the importance of your manager, tips to learn faster, along with roles at The Disney Accelerator, Clipboard Health, and more!

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Career advice can be a confusing topic. One mentor may tell you to "follow your passion" while another suggests you "find the job that pays." So what should you do?

This week, we're sharing four pieces of uncommon advice that can accelerate your career.

Let's dive in!


1. Find your manager.

One of the most important of determinants of your growth and happiness at work is your manager. The right manager will bring out your best, help you progress in your career, and make each work day a joy. Whether you're interviewing for a job or already working at a company, be attentive to managers that might maximize your potential.

2. Find short feedback loops.

The shorter the feedback loop, the faster you learn. You can accelerate your growth by adding more feedback opportunities to your workflow. For example, students could attend office hours more frequently. Employees could ask for weekly performance reviews. Sales reps could try door-to-door selling before longer deals. Quick feedback brings growth!

3. Passion is the product of hard work.

Studies have found that when dispassionate people work hard on something for months on end, their interest grows. After all, it’s hard to love something at first if you’re not good at it! As organizational psychologist Adam Grant once said, "Passion is a consequence of effort, not just a cause."

4. Sample different careers.

Finding passion in your career doesn't come from hours of inward introspection. It requires trial and error in the real world. Passion is often developed over multiple years of sampling different jobs. Psychologist Angela Duckworth suggests you treat passion like marriage: Most of us need to sample widely before finding the perfect fit.


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