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In today’s email, we’re covering lesser-known productivity hacks from some of the world’s top performers. While these tips may appear surprising, they’re proven to drive massive results.

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#1. Plan your day based on your brain's stage.

According to best-selling author Daniel Pink, our brains move through the day in three stages. The first is your “peak,” when you’re best at hard, focused work. The second is the “trough,” typically in the afternoon and perfect for administrative tasks. The third is your “recovery,” which is when you’re the most creative. Aim to schedule your day accordingly!

#2: Give your mind a problem to solve overnight.

According to LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, your brain can solve problems during sleep. To tap into this power, jot down a problem before bed and avoid actively thinking about solutions. Then, first thing in the morning, allocate 5 minutes for journaling. The solution just may present itself!

#3: Automate your morning.

Our minds wake up full of energy. However, every decision saps a bit of that power, so aim to automate your morning. Prepare as much as possible in advance, from your outfit to what you’ll eat. Entrepreneur and Author Ariana Huffington recommends creating a recurring Monday through Friday routine to conserve brain power!

#4: Have a silent "get ready" routine.

Creative ideas tend to come from our subconscious. Ever notice your best ideas seem to pop up during mundane activities, like while showering or doing the laundry? We drown out this genius when we fill every moment with social media, podcasts, or videos. Embrace silence to bring your best ideas to light. Next time you're about to hit “play” on something, give silence a go!


Which work-related activities fill you with energy?


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