Master Your Cold Emails: 4 Key Tips 🚀

How write a winning subject line, tips to reach busy CEOs, how to phrase your CTA, along with the launch of NextGen Skills!

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A great cold email can accelerate your career. Among many things, a cold email could get you a meeting with an industry leader, or an interview with your dream employer.

This week, we're sharing four cold email tips from leading entrepreneurs. If you'd like more of these tips — delivered in an engaging, Duolingo-like format — take a look at our free skill-building app.

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1. Know your audience.

As you draft up a cold email, try to find out if the other person even checks their inbox! This is important since busy CEOs, for example, may have gatekeepers that filter out miscellaneous emails. If you're targeting a semi-famous person or a CEO with over 30 employees, you may want to connect through other channels, like Twitter or LinkedIn.

2. Create a curiosity gap with your subject line.

According to writing guru Shaan Puri, your subject line should entice the recipient to learn more. Here's an example subject line: "I made an irreversible decision." This line is effective because it makes the recipient curious. You can even ask yourself: "If I was the recipient and saw 100 emails in my inbox, which subject line would I want to click on?"

3. Establish your credibility.

As entrepreneur Nik Sharma has said, there’s no need to begin your cold email with pleasantries, like “Hope you’re doing great” or “How’s the weather in NYC?” Instead, jump straight to your social proof. For example: "My name is Jane, I run a Brand Marketing Agency, and we launched Lululemon's latest fashion line." This instantly establishes credibility, making the recipient more likely to read on.

4. Go for the ask with a specific CTA.

At the end of your email, make your ask with single, clear CTA. For example, "We have an idea for a collaborative product. If you're interested, we'd love to have a call to talk about the next steps with your team." In addition, try to frame your CTA so the recipient can respond easily in one line, or even one word!


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