Prepare for Tomorrow: 4 Tips for Using ChatGPT 🚀

Productive prompting habits, how to put yourself in "GPT's shoes," the importance of suggestions, along with roles at DoorDash, Whoop, Datadog, and more!

What's up, Next Gen Fam!

Flip on the news or scroll through social media — you’re likely to come across the term "GPT" at some point.

This technology is changing the world, much like the internet did decades ago. By learning how to use GPT today, you’ll set yourself up for success in the future.

This week, we share four easy tips to help you make the most of ChatGPT. If you'd like more of these tips — delivered in an engaging, Duolingo-like format — take a look at our free skill-building app.

Let's dive in!


1. View ChatGPT as an uber-talented intern.

Imagine someone who is incredibly intelligent, hardworking, and energetic, but also prone to making mistakes from time to time. That’s a bit like ChatGPT! An intern performs best with clear guidelines, and ChatGPT is no different. Be sure to give ChatGPT precise instructions to get your desired result.

2. Talk to GPT like a human.

You don’t need to frame your prompt in a certain robotic way because you’re talking to a computer. Rather, craft your question as if you were talking to another person. Before submitting, put yourself in “ChatGPT’s” shoes. Ask yourself: Would I be able to easily understand and answer this question? Then, update your prompt accordingly.

3. Ask for suggestions, not direct edits.

After you've written up a draft, ask: “Can you give me five suggestions for improvements?” ChatGPT will then respond with a list of suggestions. From there, respond with: “Please implement just your second suggestion.” This approach is more effective than asking for edits immediately, since now you are directing GPT in a specific way.

4. Add ChatGPT to your bookmarks.

Whenever you have a question — or any obstacle that presents itself in your day — see if ChatGPT can help. Set as your home screen or add it to your bookmarks bar. Keep the tab open for easy reference. This will help you shift from Google to ChatGPT as your go-to learning resource.



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