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Unlock Your Career Potential: 4 Tips to Get Promoted 🚀

Discover how to shine at work, ask the right questions, maintain focus on project goals, along with the launch of NextGen Skills!

What's up, Next Gen Fam!

Whether you're a working professional or preparing for an internship this summer, there are a number of workplace strategies that can help you standout.

This week, we're covering subtle habits that can get you promoted. If you'd like more of these tips — delivered in an engaging, Duolingo-like format — take a look at our free skill-building app.

Let's dive in!


1. Proactively tackle tasks.

Instead of asking your manager, "How can I help?", make a habit of spotting incomplete tasks and doing them unprompted. Embrace new tasks, even if they fall outside your usual workflow or won't be immediately recognized!

2. Clarify task expectations before starting.

When you receive a task, you may feel an urge to dive in immediately, even if you don't fully understand the expectations. Instead, take a moment to confirm understanding with your manager. For example, you could say: "Got it. Just to confirm, you'd like me to write a 1-2 page market analysis that covers so-and-so...is that right?"

3. Keep the end goal of a project in mind.

During long projects, it's easy for teams to lose sight of the primary objective. To avoid getting distracted by low-priorities, put the project goal at the top of every meeting agenda. Be sure to voice the goal frequently. For project emails, make sure to reflect on the goal before responding. These tactics will keep you on track!

4. Approach each workday with intention.

Take a moment every morning to set your intentions for the day. Spend a few minutes visualizing success in each task or meeting for the day. Treat your workday like an athlete treats a big game—aim to excel in every moment!


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